• Dream team, wonderful characters,
    fabulous professionals, winning attitudes,
    an endless stream of energy!
    Ivan Dimitrov
  • It's so nice to go to work
    everyday and find some of your
    best friends in the office!
    Martin Manchev
  • Seeing how an idea gets transformed
    into a real product is really exciting!
    It's nothing less than magic!
    Kostadin Jordanov
  • Loyalty is the foundation for everything
    we do – the trust and respect of clients
    and colleagues.
    Vasil Tabakov
  • Bianor is like a living creature,
    one that constantly changes
    and evolves.
    Vyara Todorova

Hi, get to know us :)

We are a team of passionate geeks who enjoy to work and succeed together in an open and friendly environment.

What drives us is an internal strive to transform our individual passion for technology into cutting-edge software products used by millions of people around the globe.

We get all jazzed about high-performance software designs, mobile gadgets, cool apps and minimalistic OS set-ups. We brag about our source code and design solutions, and we believe our work speaks better than our words.

Why become part of our team

Now, imagine an environment where your achievements get noticed, you speak freely to everyone and you play mini-football with the CEO – this is our reality, give it a shot, send us your resume.

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