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WorldSportsNews – Case Study

November 10, 2002


Launched in 2002 for a Telewave and Agency France-Presse joint venture, the WSN Mobile sports news and media CMS marks Bianor as a pioneer in mobile development.

The system is a unified platform for efficient creation, management and publishing of varied content with management flows for importing, processing and publishing of images and news. It recognizes the mobile device capabilities and serves multimedia content at the best supported quality. Full reliability is ensured while significant server loads are handled with ease.

Created for i-mode, Foma, J-Sky and other networks, the CMS ensured AFP WSN site’s success during the World Soccer Championship 2002. It swiftly reached 1,000,000+ clicks p/day, topped NTT DoCoMo’s i-mode top chart ratings.

Author: Maria Williamson

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