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Why Businesses Must Go Mobile

December 9, 2010

Today Life is Mobile

The time people spend in front of their computers is decreasing. They rush through busy lives running from one place to the next, catching up on personal relationships, interests and chores while stuck in traffic or standing in a queue – with the help of their mobile devices.

The cell phone, in particular the smartphone, is swiftly becoming a universal command center for our life. A survey of 2000 mobile sites conducted for this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and searching for patterns in mobile Internet use, reported that 87% of visitors access the mobile Internet more than once, and half of them up to 5 times a day. It also found that 70% of mobile Internet use takes place in the home – an intriguing fact proving that people would much rather reach for their mobile device than sit down in front of a computer.

Today Business is Mobile

Today’s business person is also rarely in front of his or her computer. They are in and out of meetings, in between appointments, always on the move. Their smartphone is their office, a window onto the world and into their work; it keeps them up to date on everything they need to know in order to perform professionally.

A recent report by Morgan Stanley indicates that if the current rate of change adoption continues, we can expect that mobile web will become bigger than desktop internet by 2015.

Two trends driving the growth of mobile web are the proliferation of smarter, faster, better devices, and the availability of better data coverage. Global 3G penetration is expected to hit 21% by the end of 2010. 96% of business mobile subscribers in Japan already have 3G coverage, penetration in Western Europe is around 54%, with the US following at just slightly above 46%.

Tomorrow the Future is Mobile

Today’s individual has no time. She wants her information in well organized, intelligently presented bytes, and please make them small. She has no time for your outdated website, which does not fit on her smartphone screen.

You want to stay on her radar?

Go mobile!

Statistics show that nearly all adults in the U.S. own a cellphone, one in four of which is a smartphone. Those pocket-sized devices are more powerful than the computers initially used to send men to the Moon, and consumers are shifting more and more tasks to their smartphones. A report by Nielsen predicts that the majority of US mobile subscribers will own a smartphone by the end of 2011.

M-commerce is expected to explode much like e-commerce did years ago. An effective internet presence is crucial for businesses in the 21st century. Fail to establish yourself in the Mobile Commerce reality and be forever forgotten. With companies building mobile identities daily, and consumers turning to mobile devices for everything from finding information and shopping, to entertainment, etc – businesses who dare to ignore mobile will be left out in the cold.

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Irrespective of whether you go for a mobile site or choose mobile application development, what remains utterly important is to utilize mobile to its full potential as an additional value added business channel.

Our lives are turning ‘social, mobile and location aware’. Join in or be washed ashore on the deserted islands of ‘Unmobilia’.

Author: Maria Williamson

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