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The past week at a glance – Oct 29 – Nov 3, 2012

November 5, 2012

But Do We Want Them Public

Connected devices and location services securityWhen we carry technology around with us, more and more intimate details of our life are gathered and aggregated.” Connected devices & location services disclose not only where you are, but what you are thinking. What does this do to our privacy and the security of our data?
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Are Content Publishers Prisoners of iPad?

Content publishers and iPadApple – owner of technology or owner of the audience? Or – did the iPad give content publishers the promised competitive edge or did they just get boxed in by a dominant intermediary?
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Big Data Week

Big data weekThis was the week with “most big data news so far this year”, the latest and greatest big data and data science developments. What is ‘big data’, according to you?
A. Bullshit (Brad Feld)
B. No substitute for judgment (David Friend)
C. The marriage of corporate data & external data (Chris Lynch)
D. Data that’s growing faster than Moore’s law (Richard Dale).
E. All of the above.
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Can MicrosoftSurface replace iPad3?

Microsoft surface replacing iPad“I’ve ditched two high-end Android tablets in favor of an iPad 3. Does Microsoft’s Surface have a remote chance to replace it as both an entertainment consumption device and a tool for everyday productivity?” Forbes’ columnist Jason Evangello’s shares his personal surprising experience with Microsoft’s first direct foray into the tablet market – The Surface.
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