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The past week at a glance – Nov 5 – Nov 9, 2012

November 12, 2012

iPad Clocking 54.5 Percent of Mobile Web Traffic

iPad Dominating Mobile Web TrafficApple’s iPad accounts for 54.5 percent of mobile web traffic, and continuing to dominate tablet web traffic share entirely, accounting for 98.10 percent of usage – OnSwipe shares research findings of websites using their service.
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Native, Hybrid or HTML5 Mobile Application?

Native, Hybrid or HTML5 Mobile Application?Your business needs a mobile solution. You’ve spoken to a multitude of developers. You are now totally confused with regards to native, hybrid or web. Here is some fresh info on the subject.
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Making Magic for Customers

Mobile Payment Solution“Today I had a magical customer experience!” Do your clients say that about you? Where is your company with your mobile strategy? Check how Starbucks is leading the way.
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Can Technical Excellence Bring on Business Revival?

Mobile Performance TestingDoes Blackberry 10 “kick technical butt” and does “technical excellence lead to business revitalization”? Only time will tell.
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Author: Maria Williamson

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