Indoor Location-Based Services – Technology and Applications

June 12, 2012

Why would you need indoor location based services? Apart from the obvious – helping users find their way around – here are just a few other ideas. Location-based targeted promotions can lead customers to you, and not just any customers but those in the best position to purchase now. If loyalty programs could autodetect your clients and automatically check them into your venue, it would ensure you remain on the radar of their friends even if they themselves don’t check-in manually. Business intelligence gathered by tracking and knowing your customers’ behaviour inside your store could provide great advantages in displaying merchandise, planning specials etc. The convenience and safety provided by indoor navigation and the access to location-based content can successfully facilitate and optimize human traffic flow in expansive public areas such as airports, shopping malls, stadiums, museums, office parks etc.

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Bezeq DLNA Managed Service – Case Study

May 23, 2012

A managed service, branded Bezeq DLNA Media Share, was conceived in a joint effort between Bianor and Bezeq. The service is cloud-based and is designed to deliver video content anywhere, anytime, to any screen. It launched March 15th with a nationwide campaign, firmly positioned on three pillar components – faster and cost-effective Internet speed, Samsung Smart TV 6500 2011, and Bezeq DLNA Media Share application powered by iMediaShare technology.

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Introduction to the Connected Home

November 29, 2011

What is a Connected Home The term ‘connected home‘ has been around for quite some time but what does it actually mean? It draws roots from the more familiar home automation idea. The connected home knows where you are, what you are doing and is able to predict what you need. Imagine interactive lighting control [...]

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MTel ZigZag – Case Study

March 11, 2011

MTel ZigZag is a comprehensive child monitoring and tracking system with location information derived using network-based cellular triangulation, web access, panic functionality and other features was developed by Bianor and added to the major provider’s service offering.

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