iMediaShare Reaches 1,000,000 Monthly Users During February

February 22, 2013

iMediaShare, а video content discovery and playback solution, announced reaching 1,000,000 active users during the month of February 2013. iMediaShare realizes the idea of easy Internet video streaming over to a TV screen and rewards the viewer with a true multimedia experience. The service delivers on a simple but powerful concept – the best Internet content made available on the TV screen.

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Bezeq DLNA Managed Service – Case Study

May 23, 2012

A managed service, branded Bezeq DLNA Media Share, was conceived in a joint effort between Bianor and Bezeq. The service is cloud-based and is designed to deliver video content anywhere, anytime, to any screen. It launched March 15th with a nationwide campaign, firmly positioned on three pillar components – faster and cost-effective Internet speed, Samsung Smart TV 6500 2011, and Bezeq DLNA Media Share application powered by iMediaShare technology.

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DLNA – Consumer Challenges in the Connected Home

May 21, 2012

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) provides a standard the idea of which is to enable DLNA certified products to be compatible with each other in a home network environment, even if manufactured by different companies. There are however some problems with relation to the truly connected home that still need to be addressed if DLNA is to turn from a patchy working solution, available mostly to the moderately tech-savvy, into a widely understood and used facility.

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iMediaShare – Case Study

February 17, 2012

iMediaShare is a revolution in content consumption. It frees viewers from the constraints of small screens and push-type media delivery, and empowers content publishers and CSP’s with new possibilities for customer engagement.

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