The past week at a glance – Oct 29 – Nov 3, 2012

November 5, 2012

But Do We Want Them Public When we carry technology around with us, more and more intimate details of our life are gathered and aggregated.” Connected devices & location services disclose not only where you are, but what you are thinking. What does this do to our privacy and the security of our data? Read [...]

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MTel ZigZag – Case Study

March 11, 2011

MTel ZigZag is a comprehensive child monitoring and tracking system with location information derived using network-based cellular triangulation, web access, panic functionality and other features was developed by Bianor and added to the major provider’s service offering.

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Mobile Solution Ensures Kids Safety

October 12, 2009

An everyday contradiction most parents are facing is that we’re working more in order to ensure the best conditions for our children while at the same time we do not spend enough time with them because we’re busy working. We’re losing the connection with our children. We don’t know where they’re going, whom they’re meeting [...]

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