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Sharing Android Video with Internet-enabled TV and Xbox 360

June 16, 2010

Want to watch your Android photos and videos with the comfort of your big flat TV screen and its remote control? Not interested in running cables across the room or spending hours in setting up PC software? You are at the right place ;)

We’ve just released iMediaShare Premium for Android which makes all this possible. We’ve tested it extensively and I’m happy to report video works great (including positioning) with Samsung Series 6 DLNA TVs and Xbox 360. PS3 unfortunately doesn’t play the video captured with the Android camera, but photos and audio still work great!

You could download iMediaShare Premium for Android from the Android Market, or visit iMediaShare website for more information.

Would love to hear your feedback and future feature requests. We are here to make the latter come true ;)

Author: Kostadin Jordanov

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