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Personal Multimedia Content – Do We Care About It?

March 30, 2010

The simple answer to this question is: Yes, we do. Why? Why do we care about it? It’s because our personal multimedia is all about our emotions. According to a recent market research made by CEA people take an average of 72 digital photos during their last trip. They do so because they want to memorize their special moments, the places they visited, and the experiences they had to revive their emotions later or share them with their friends and family.

So what do people actually care most about their favorite music, videos or picture of precious moments?

Most people do not know anything about encoders, storage devices or sharing technologies. And they do not need to. They just want them to work. Because what people do care about is choosing and accessing their content anywhere, anytime on any device.

Another research reveals exactly that -  85% of people upload online personal videos and photos. It is an amazing fact coming to say that people trust in the reliability of online services. They assume online services as the only option for having their personal content accessible wherever they go. From a technical perspective it means that all our files are uploaded on a central network based storage assuring we’ll never loose a single bite of it because of a software or hardware failure. It provides access  to personal content that is always available so we can share it with others regardless physical distance or time. By extending content availability not only on PC but also on mobile handset, game consoles or even internet enabled TVs, we have all our photo, video and music albums always with us.

Is there something else we do care most about our personal multimedia? I doubt. And you?

Author: Stefan Lilov

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