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Paying a Fortune for Corporate Mobile Calls? Not Any More…

March 27, 2009

In the beginning of 2009 we did the first release of the innovative scribe2go Business Solutions. The scribe2go family consists of two cool solutions for mobile communication.

scribe2go is a great mobile cost optimizer. For example it brings us up to 90% reduction of all international mobile calls expenses. Instead of paying Euro 60 cents/minute when we use our cell phones to communicate with US, we pay just Euro 6 cents/minute. Isn’t it a cheap international mobile call?

And further more… We get a significant saving /up to 50%/ for all outgoing calls in roaming as well. The solution is so smart that it simply reverses the direction of the call and converts all the outgoing roaming calls into incoming. A smart way to lower the roaming bills =)

Cool? And simple too…

It consists just of a smart server and mobile application. Both work seamlessly with the corporate PBX and place all the outgoing calls through the PBX.

The other scribe2go solution is MobiECO Sales Force. This one is based on the same technology, but aims at optimizing sales processes and especially the customer communication. The solution automatically records sales call parameters into the CRM system thus keeping complete track of the customer interaction and enabling the company to enforce better coordination rules.

Both solutions are developed on proprietary mobile service delivery platform – MobiSDP. It enables us to rapidly develop and deploy high-performance mobile multimedia and communication applications and services. The platform adds extra value in development of complete business solutions for content providers and for those who need to export their existing services to the mobile world.

You can get more detailed information about the solutions and the platform on

Author: Stefan Lilov

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