Next Generation Mobile Software Development Platform Launched by Bianor

Sofia, August 27th, 2008

Bianor announced the release of the second edition of their mobile software development platform, MobiSDP, enabling rapid development and deployment of high-performance mobile multimedia and communication services.

is designed to accelerate the development of mobile solutions. By using it mobile developers are able to reduce the development effort in half when compared with conventional development platforms.

MobiSDP is already deployed in several major mobile networks and used as foundation to many mobile applications developed by Bianor and its partners. Amongst them are MoGa CMS, a multimedia mobile portal, and Roam’n’Roll – an All Telecoms solution for personal roaming cost optimization, both nominated for the ICT Prize — the most prestigious European award for IT innovation.

“Through our proven mobile service platform we provide the infrastructure our customers need to achieve seamless integration between mobile handsets and server-side applications,” Bianor’s CEO Stefan Lilov said. “The second edition of MobiSDP provides extended base functionality and higher flexibility. The platform provides extended device support, including iPhone in addition to the latest version of Symbian,” Lilov added.

MobiSDP enables easy development of mobile user interfaces and integration through industry standards with server-side components implementing the business logic of the service. The platform adds extra value in development of complete business solutions for content providers and those who need to export their existing services to the mobile world. Some features of the new platform include data sync, security and identity management, data push, web service integration, SIP integration, and client monitoring.

The release of MobiSDP comes in line with Bianor’s strategy to offer new solutions and innovative services for the mobile industry.

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