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Mobile Solution Ensures Kids Safety

October 12, 2009

An everyday contradiction most parents are facing is that we’re working more in order to ensure the best conditions for our children while at the same time we do not spend enough time with them because we’re busy working. We’re losing the connection with our children. We don’t know where they’re going, whom they’re meeting with or talking to… And it often happens that our children are chatting in the net or talking on their cell phones with people they are not supposed to.

How can we prevent our children from bullying or anonymous abusive calls?

The answer is Call Control.

Call Control is a mobile solution that we developed in order to provide better safety for our kids. Call Control ensures safe usage of family mobile phones, clear communication and discrete remote management of multiple mobile devices.

The whole system consist of user friendly web-based control panel and a standalone client application that runs hidden in the background. The system allows remote setting and management of black and white lists thus filtering voice and video calls, SMS and MMS.

Call Control is easy to set up. It starts with a Guided wizard which leads the user smoothly through the next steps of registering phones and creating phone lists.

Call Control Guided Tour

The user can easily set and manage multiple black and white lists.


Call Control website provides detailed list with all entered phones and their status. The user friendly navigation allows fast and easy management of the phones.

Call Control Devices Management

Call Control has easy deployment and requires no special infrastructure. This makes it the perfect value added service that contributes to the corporate social responsibility policy of the telecoms. What else if not taking care for children’s safety could illustrate best our social responsibility?

We presented Call Control to the public for the first time just a week ago during the largest regional IT fair – CeBIT Bilisim in Istanbul.

You can better check our parental control solution at

Author: Georgi Lazarov

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