Mobile Solution by Bianor Facilitates Car Parking

Sofia, November 25th, 2008

Bianor launched a mobile application called Mobile Blue Zone Parking Assistant, aiming to facilitate Blue Zone clients. With the Parking Assistant help the payment via SMS is easier and more convenient.

The Mobile Blue Zone allows the users to manage a list of cars and to choose easily one or more for which to send parking request. The advantage of the application is that the user can create a parking request for more than an hour without having to send an SMS by his/her own as the application takes care for announcing the system. Among the user-friendly features is the option the client to edit /prolong or cancel/ easily, any time the parking request.

“The idea for the development of Mobile Blue Zone came out spontaneous from Bianor’s engineering team”, Stefan Lilov, Chief Business Development Officer said. “We are not only IT professionals but also parking zone customers, and decided to make things more convenient in the busy traffic of Sofia city. We are positive that the contemporary technologies could be extremely useful in optimizing the traffic in the capital”, Lilov added.

The application is available for free download at

You can find more details concerning Mobile Blue Zone Parking Assistant functionalities on the product web site. You can send your questions and comments regarding the application on

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