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Mobile 3D Displays for a 3D World

April 16, 2010

Two weeks ago, Sharp introduced their new product – glasses-free mobile 3D touch screen displays. Three-dimensional effect is noticeable when the display is about 30cm from the eyes. The picture persists even if the device is rotated from portrait to landscape orientation. The technology provides different image for each eye, creating the illusion of a three-dimensional picture.

Sharp launched mobile phones and PCs equipped with a display that enables users to watch 3D images without glasses in the early 2000s. Well, this is already done. The Japanese company said it plans to start making this year the advanced 3D displays for cell phones and other mobile devices that don’t require special viewing glasses, betting that demand for 3D images will grow beyond movie theaters and living rooms to portable machines. Mass production is planned for the first half of fiscal 2010.

So let’s enjoy our three-dimensional world through new 3D mobile displays!

Author: Elena Dimitrova

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