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MobiECO SF Available at iPhone App Store

January 26, 2010

Today MobiECO Sales Force for iPhone passed Apple’s review and can be downloaded from App Store for free. Thus we make another step further to offer the value of MobiECO Sales Force service on diverse mobile business platforms. Now  sales professionals who are real fans of iPhone can update their account and opportunity records while performing a simple regular call with a customer, partner or prospect, all on the go, all hands-free.

MobiECO Sales Force processes all customer voice communication data and stores the relevant information under the corresponding account or opportunity records thus no customer communication data is lost and no lead remains untracked. By rerouting the call originated from iPhone, MobiECO Sales Force works with the existing corporate communications infrastructure to ensure sales teams spend more time communicating with customers and less in updating CRM records.

Author: Stefan Lilov

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