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JAIN SLEE 1.1 – What’s New

August 27, 2008

In July JAIN SLEE 1.1 final release was officially announced. The 1.1 version defines the connection between the SLEE container and external resources by standardizing resource adapters architecture and relevant APIs. Resource adapters are entities that encapsulate the specific logic of protocol stack or other event based resource and export its functionality through a generic interfaces. In fact standardization of resource adapters was the primary focus of this release. The major advantage of this is that now resource adapters are fully portable across different JSLEE 1.1 implementations.

Additionally multiple other changes of less significance were also introduced and a few of the most significant ones are mentioned below:
• Several changes were introduced to the Profiles contract. They include Profiles manipulations performed by the different SLEE components, possibility to include business methods and/or attributes in Profile Specifications, and others.
• Version 1.1 introduces the new concept of library containers. This enables the development and use of consistent and reusable code across SLEE applications and resource adapters. Now SLEE applications can access shared objects such as shared libraries and code.
• JSLEE 1.1 also changes alarms defining them as a stateful objects with own lifecycle.
• In addition to the SLEE 1.0 defined CMP types (Java primitive types, serializable objects, and SBB local interfaces, SLEE 1.1 allows also Activity Context Interface interfaces, Event Context interfaces and Profile Local interfaces to be stored in CMP fields.
• TraceFacility was replaced with Tracer which is easier to use. Tracer can be used by the different SLEE components to generate trace messages identified for consumption by external management clients such as a network management console, a management policy engine, etc.

The final version of JSLEE 1.1 specification was a long waited event by the community and it is finally a fact. Now SLEE vendors are on the move. Presently it seems that OpenCloud is the only vendor whose Rhino 2.0 product is JSLEE 1.1 fully compliant. Mobicents announced recently the first release candidate of their JSLEE 1.1 compliant server release 1.2 and we are expecting the official release soon. Let’s see who will be next.

Author: Stefan Lilov

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