Bianor Launches iMediaShare iPad App – Easily Shift Viewing From Tablet To TV

iMediaShare iPad release

Beam Personal and Web Media From Your 10” iPad to Your Widescreen TV: No Cables, No Configuration, No Hassle.

Uniondale, NY, June 18, 2012

Bianor, a leader in mobile software solutions, has just launched a version of its popular iMediaShare app for the iPad – available on iTunes as a free download or as a $4.99 ad-free, HD-supported download. Already a favorite of Android Smartphone and iPhone mediaphiles, the iMediaShare iPad app allows users to view and share their favorite photos, videos, music and more directly from their iOS tablet to their TV or connected screen of choice – no cables, no configuration, no complicated set-up required. Simply download the app from the iTunes store, select the screen that’s connected to your home network, enter your Wifi password, and share your personal media wherever you are. Features include:

  • Ultimate Control: Turns your iPad into the ultimate remote control, offering selection and full playback of any personal videos, pictures, or music – along with vast options of online content.
  • Seamless Transition: Experience zero interruption when switching views between phone/tablet and connected screen.
  • Automatic Conversion: Web media automatically adapts to the (HD, 3D and more) to the best suitable format for the screen of choice.
  • Unlimited Choice: If your TV is not directly connected to your LAN, iMediaShare links to your favorite gaming consoles, like Xbox360 and PS3, to send media from iPad to the Widescreen.
  • Consistency: Boasts a unified user interface for ease-of-use, no matter the content source – whether sharing media from the tablet you’re holding, computers on your home network, or from across the web.

“As technology continues to evolve, and consumers have an increasing number of choices when it comes to their mobile technology needs, it’s exciting to be able to add to our list of supported devices so we can provide even more media sharing options for our customers, without the hassle,” commented Kostadin Jordanov, CEO of iMediaShare.

iMediaShare can also access pictures on your Facebook or Picasa account for added convenience, and offers a lineup of channels and programs you can beam right to your TV from popular content providers such as,, NASA and more. For more information about iMediaShare, visit

About iMediaShare

iMediaShare offers entertainment the easy way, allowing viewers to choose what to watch and when to watch it. With thousands of on-demand options ranging from breaking news to popular shows – available instantly to viewers on any connected TV – iMediaShare is a unique addition to the modern connected home. The ability to stream media from multiple online sources as well as aggregate personal media from across the home network allows iMediaShare to transform the mobile handset into a new generation portable set-top box.

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