iMediaShare App Daily Installs Skyrocket to 150,000


Hundreds of Thousands of Fans Download and Install the iMediaShare Mobile App Yesterday, Flood of Reviews Published on Amazon App Store.

Uniondale, NY – January 21, 2013

Yesterday, January 21st, after being featured by the Amazon Appstore, the Web Video-on-TV mobile solution iMediaShare added 150 thousand new installs in 24 hours. iMediaShare was instantly propelled to Number 1 place in the charts, where it steadily held its own against the world’s most popular apps. The app was welcomed by the Amazon community, and it was installed and used thousands of times, triggering an avalanche of reviews and more than 100,000 hours of online videos streamed over the weekend.

“It is great to see iMediaShare pull ahead of serious players such as Facebook, Angry Birds and Netflix for a while. We are pleasantly surprised by the level of response and constructive engagement we received from the Amazon Appstore community, which was different to any other app store. Many reviewers took the time to study app features carefully and share their opinions in great detail, with comments and observations useful to both the team and other users.” notes Stefan Lilov of iMediaShare.

With content discovery almost an activity by itself, a mobile touch interface becomes the most convenient approach to solving the problem of seamless content search and navigation. With the iMediaShare technology, which enables streaming from phone to TV, the user can really take advantage of the second-screen experience. The mobile device becomes a key to a much better and more comprehensive viewer experience.

iMediaShare is available for iOS and Android as a free or premium HD-enhanced download. Find out more about iMediaShare and what it can do for you here.

About iMediaShare

iMediaShare, developed by Bianor, offers entertainment the easy way, allowing viewers to choose what to watch and when to watch it. With thousands of on-demand options ranging from breaking news to popular shows – available instantly to viewers on any connected TV – iMediaShare is a unique addition to the modern connected home. The ability to stream media from multiple online sources as well as aggregate personal media from across the home network allows iMediaShare to transform the mobile handset into a new generation portable set-top box.

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