iMediaShare and AQ Audio Join Forces to Offer Customers Full Range Device Connectivity

iMediaShare partners with AQ Audio SmartSpeakers

iMediaShare solution and AQ Audio provide complete freedom for indoor/outdoor Airplay and DLNA devices with access to local and network audio content for both Android and iOS.

UNIONDALE, NY – December 21, 2012

The iMediaShare team aligns direction with yet another strong player, AQ Audio, enabling access to audio content located on a mobile device and local network via DLNA and AirPlay, for both Android and iOS users, and bringing an ever better connected experience to customers. AQ Audio, an established UK audio leader, recently made their debut in the United States with the launch of the AQ SmartSpeaker – a sleek and intelligent Airplay speaker, highly regarded for its acoustic clarity and unique left and right channel separation.

“The AQ SmartSpeaker’s Direct mode permits users to break free from the Wi-Fi network and enjoy audio entertainment anywhere at any time, thanks to advanced new technologies.,We are thrilled about our partnering with iMediaShare which extends our reach to an even larger user base now, allowing access to audio content located on the device and local network via DLNA and AirPlay for both Android and iOS,” comments James Grant from AQ Audio.

“iMediaShare is a fantastic way to amplify even further the reach of an already great product such as the AQ SmartSpeaker. We are very impressed with it and are glad to be able to present our customers access to such an intelligent and beautiful audio device.” shares Stefan Lilov of iMediaShare. iMediaShare’s award winning interface, crafted by a professional team of UX experts, is simple, beautiful and functional. The unique design enables intuitive playback control with natural gestures, ensuring fast adoption of features such as tapping the screen to pause playback, tapping again to resume it, sliding left and right to load previous or next track, up and down to control the volume, etc. iMediaShare has just released a brand new version featuring a comprehensive first-time user guide, tv connectivity troubleshooting, channels grouping and many other useful additions.

Enthusiasts will enjoy the AQ SmartSpeakers’ simple and intuitive one-touch setup. AirPlay allows streaming of not only iTunes Libraries but Internet Radio stations, Spotifiy, audio from films or TV programs and other popular music Apps. With its ultra-efficient patented amplifier, the AQ SmartSpeaker offers over 10 hours of playback. As a stand-alone speaker, the AQ SmartSpeaker delivers spectacular stereo sound. Using two AQ SmartSpeakers, you can select left and right channel separation, giving true hi-fi stereo sound when transmitting your iTunes. The AQ SmartSpeaker is designed in conjunction with an internationally recognized multiple Red Dot Design Award Winner resulting in its smooth organic shape and high quality finish which looks perfectly at home in all surroundings.

iMediaShare users are entitled to free delivery if they order the AQ Smart Speakers from any AQ Audio website and enter a coupon code “imediashare”.

About iMediaShare

iMediaShare, developed by leader in mobile software solutions Bianor, offers entertainment the easy way, allowing viewers to choose what to watch and when to watch it. With thousands of on-demand options ranging from breaking news to popular shows – available instantly to viewers on any connected TV – iMediaShare is a unique addition to the modern connected home. The ability to stream media from multiple online sources as well as aggregate personal media from across the home network allows iMediaShare to transform the mobile handset into a new generation portable set-top box.

About AQ Audio

Innovative, British company AQ Audio has a combined 100 years’ experience in the consumer and professional audio industry. AQ Audio’s technical director has brought more than 25 products to market at a leading global consumer electronics company. Several of these have gone on to win a prestigious EISA award. In particular, the company has specialist knowledge of wireless technology, with its background spanning the radio spectrum from analogue FM to 5.8 GHz digital delivery systems. Meanwhile, AQ Audio’s industrial design manager has won multiple, coveted RED DOT design awards for audio devices.

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