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How iMediaShare Breaks the “Smartphone Huddle”

October 9, 2012

iMediaShare personal media sharing

The iPhone Sharing Huddle

If you’ve ever been crowded together with a group of people around a smartphone or tablet, trying to share in a mini viewing party of your friends’ latest mobile videos – you will understand why we claim that the iMediaShare mobile app is here to break the “smartphone huddle”. Supporting iOS and Android, iMediaShare allows users to instantly shift their viewing of personal photos and videos from tiny phone and tablet screens to their TV or connected screen of choice – no cables, no configuration, no complicated set-up required. Simply download the app from the iTunes store, select the screen that’s connected to your home network, login to your wifi network, and share your personal media wherever you are.

More Choice, More Media, More Headache

The ubiquity of smartphones has enabled consumers to create more and more personal media, from basic pictures, to cool photo apps, to HD video. But our ability to capture life’s little moments has far outpaced our ability to easily share them on our screen of choice in today’s digital living room. When attempting to view those smartphone photos and videos on the TV, many struggle with cables and additional hardware required to make it happen – leaving little option but to huddle around phones and tablets in order to share these moments with friends. iMediaShare was created to free personal media from the confines of a mobile device, so the user can easily share and enjoy any media without the hassle of settings and configuration.

Just The Same But Better (Than Samsung)

While many Android smartphone users are lusting after the media sharing capabilities featured in T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy S III Rooftop TV Commercial, few can actually enjoy it. The fact is, these sharing features require other users to also be within the Samsung ecosystem with either a Galaxy S III or Galaxy Tab 2 model, otherwise you cannot benefit from the media sharing displayed in the commercial. iMediaShare makes media sharing a reality, no matter what mobile provider you have or what hardware you use in your connected home.

How iMediaShare Delivers You

What iMediaShare expertly does is extend personal media sharing beyond the confines of today’s mobile and home network limitations. The iMediaShare app makes the Samsung Galaxy S III commercial a reality, beaming personal video and pictures on smartphones and tablets to any connected screen. With over 2.5 million downloads and growing, iMediaShare offers entertainment the easy way for Android smartphone, iPhone and iPad users, allowing easy streaming of home videos, movies, web content and more on TVs, gaming consoles and other connected screens. With iMediaShare, your smartphone or tablet becomes your remote, offering full playback control functionality along with vast options of online content from popular content providers such as,, NASA and more. The app is available on iTunes as a free download or as a $4.99 ad-free version, which also supports HD video.  For more information about iMediaShare, visit

Author: Maria Williamson

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  • November 21, 2012 10:29 pm | Shaila

    iMedia share app seem interesting. I like the idea of being able to share my photos and videos to the people in my connected home. Another plus for iPhone users

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