Forbes Announces iMediaShare Best Startup of 2012 in Annual Business Awards

iMediaShare Winner Best Startup Forbes Business Awards 2012

The innovative mobile solution iMediaShare grabbed first prize for Best Startup at the Forbes 2012 Annual Business Awards.

Sofia, SF – December 11, 2012

The innovative mobile solution iMediaShare grabbed first prize for Best Startup at the Forbes 2012 Annual Business Awards. The competition aims to recognize good business practices as well as encourage and support the entrepreneurial spirit. iMediaShare is a popular mobile application which streams Internet video content onto the large screen of any new generation TV.

iMediaShare represents cutting-edge multimedia software development and won the category award amidst heavy competition from a hundred other contestants. The independent 10-member jury reviewed and evaluated the candidates according to Forbes’ own methodology in order to ensure the accuracy of the results.

“We hold this award in high regard, especially coming from a publisher as prestigious as Forbes, and view it as an appraisal of the results accomplished by our team so far. iMediaShare’s worldwide recognition serves as great additional motivation in the continuous development of the product,” – shares Kostadin Jordanov of iMediaShare. The solution has over 3 million installations and 600,000 monthly active users, and partners with companies such as Sony, PR Newswire, Brightcove, Deutsche Welle, Asus and others.

iMediaShare brings to life the idea of effortlessly sending Internet video over to the TV screen for an incredible viewer experience, without the need for additional hardware, wires or setup. The users simply download the free mobile application and allow iMediaShare to automatically detect all connected TVs in their home. iMediaShare turns the smartphone into a unique remote control and offers the viewer the freedom to enjoy Internet and personal videos, photos and music on the large screen. The application also provides access to media located on network attached storage units within the home. A multitude of online channels featuring sports, news, business, nature, shows and many others are available for the viewer’s entertainment and information needs.

About iMediaShare

iMediaShare, developed by leader in mobile software solutions Bianor, offers entertainment the easy way, allowing viewers to choose what to watch and when to watch it. With thousands of on-demand options ranging from breaking news to popular shows – available instantly to viewers on any connected TV – iMediaShare is a unique addition to the modern connected home. The ability to stream media from multiple online sources as well as aggregate personal media from across the home network allows iMediaShare to transform the mobile handset into a new generation portable set-top box.

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