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CTIA Wireless 2010

March 29, 2010

I’ve just recovered from the long days (and nights) I had in Las Vegas during this year’s CTIA Wireless. It was really a good show but in my opinion it was not so impressive as Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Maybe because I saw almost all the same stuff or maybe the one that is only applicable to the US market. Anyway here are some of my impressions from the show.

NTT Docomo eye tracking

They were there as they were in Barcelona too. In my opinion they demonstrated the coolest solution at CTIA – an eye motion detector which can be used as a remote control for different type of devices. The setup demo showed how the movements of the eyes were translated into a line on a screen. Just amazing!

However, I was curious why NTT Docomo were there? And I asked. Actually what they are trying to achieve is to attract mobile application developers and their most innovative solutions and introduce them to the Japanese market which, believe me, is a very though to be penetrated.

Tracking is still a fashion

I was amazed how many companies were offering hardware components for GPS based location tracking with integrated 3G/GPRS or Wi-Fi interfaces for data communication. But the most interesting was the sizes of these components. It seems nowadays you can have a really small device for GPS tracking with enabled data transmitter.

Mobile HDMI

Well, definitely something worthy to write about.  A Taiwan company showed a technology for sharing the screen of a mobile game to a bigger screen. What they do is actually to generate HDMI signal, stream it over 802.11n network to a received which was connected to TV’s HDMI port. The quality of the picture was really good. The major drawback of their solution was the hardware adapter user needs to attach to her mobile handset (the demo was based on iPhone).

At the same time ST Ericsson demonstrated a proof of concept of their next generation mobile video accelerating platform. It simply generated a picture with HD 1080p quality. What a hardware power! The amazing fact is there will be mobile handsets empowered by this technology by the end of Q1 2011.

Mobile carriers and data services

Two of the major mobile carriers were presented – T-Mobile and AT&T. When I spoke with them they were eager to get from me ideas about any innovative data services they could enable in their networks. For them voice is dead – nowadays it is too invasive to ask them to enable voice based value-added service. Now is the time of M2M.

Apple were there …

Actually they weren’t but any demo I was shown was based on iPhone and then the rest of the mobile platforms were just mentioned. Isn’t it the best way to promote your product – by being used by the others as a presentation tool ;-)

There were many other interesting solutions but those were the ones that I was most attracted by. If you’d like to ask me more about some of them – drop me an email and we can discuss offline.

Author: Stefan Lilov

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