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Converging the Mobile and the Home Entertainment Worlds

April 28, 2010

The new Nokia N8 seems to be all about mobile multimedia.

Just take a look at the commercial below… 70% of the ad time is about featuring the phone’s multimedia capabilities and 50% of the items on the feature list at the end are about multimedia again.

Advertising photo, video and music capabilities is not something new, especially for the N-series. The interesting part is the new Home Theater feature – that is the capability to integrate mobile phones and home entertainment systems using HDMI to play phone’s photos, videos and music on home TVs.

We’ve been working in the mobile multimedia sharing area for some time and I believe the home entertainment environment would be an interesting battle field not only for mobile device manufactures but also for telecom operators. It offers great opportunities to extend the footprint and boost customer loyalty

Interesting enough even the new BlackBerry 6 is advertised (40-45% of the ad time) as mobile multimedia device but the convergence between the mobile and the home worlds is still not on the agenda:

Author: Kostadin Jordanov

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