Bianor’s Bulgarian Office is the First IT Mark Certified Company in Eastern Europe

Sofia, February 27th, 2006

Bianor is the first IT mark certified company in Eastern Europe after proving stable business and technology processes to ESI auditors.

Bianor is among the first companies in Europe that is IT mark certified. During audit, the company demonstrated that the implemented and operational processes guarantee best-in –class service products. The assessment was done in 3 areas – business management (strategic, commercial, financial, and marketing), information security management (based on ISO 17799) and maturity of IT development processes (based on CMMI).

In all the areas Bianor team demonstrated stable, well defined and executed processes.

The certification is part of a project of ESI Bulgaria and there are two other companies that are to be assessed in the following month.

About IT Mark

IT mark is a model developed by ESICenter Global Alliance and is a model for assessing the quality and maturity of Business Processes in SMEs that develop and maintain Information Technology Systems.

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