Bianor Started Major Software Services Project for TechniData Germany

Sofia, September 20th, 2007

Bianor and the German company TechniData signed an agreement on September 19th 2007, which made the Bulgarian company subcontractor and project consultant for development of software products for the German partner.

According to the agreement a team of Bianor software engineers will be involved in different joint projects with TechniData. Bianor engineers will work on software products in the area of environmental and health compliance management solutions.

“TechniData is a world leader in the area of environmental compliance management solutions, and the fact that they choose us is a high evaluation of our work”, Stefan Lilov, CEO of Bianor Services announced. “The successful work on the upcoming project gives the opportunity for a closer partnership between the two companies in the future”, Lilov added.

TechniData is a leading company, on a global scale, for development of products for compliance management solutions in the scope of environmental, health care and chemical industry. The company’s staff is over 500 employees, and the company’s products are being used by over 1000 companies world wide.

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