Bianor Solution Offers Up to 90% Savings on International Mobile Calls

Sofia, February 16th, 2009

An innovative software solution developed by Bianor reduces up to 90% the enterprises’ expenses for international mobile calls. MobiECO Optima also saves up to 30% on domestic mobile calls.

MobiECO Optima analyzes each outgoing call and performs the least cost routing using the PBX infrastructure. Thanks to the solution a 50% reduction on outgoing roaming calls becomes a fact. This feature together with the significant optimization of the international calls expenses make MobiECO Optima extremely efficient for companies that have employees who frequently travel abroad or make many international calls on daily bases.

“MobiECO Optima targets contemporary businesses. The solution achieves significant reduction of mobile services costs for companies different in scale and domains”, Stefan Lilov, Chief Business Development Officer in Bianor said. “In synergy with another product of the same family – MobiECO Sales Force, the solution allows the enterprises to optimize sales force efficiency and to maintain full history of the customer communication”, Lilov added.

MobiECO Business Solutions’ core is empowered by MobiSDP 2.0 platform, which was presented by the company in August 2008. The platform provides rapid development of mobile services, highly secured and reliable operations, advanced customizations and in-no-time integration with other MobiSDP-based solutions or third-party systems.

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