Bianor Partners with MTel in Joint Launch of the Much Acclaimed iMediaShare App

Sofia, April 03, 2012

Bianor announces partnership with Bulgarian telecommunications leader MTel in launching iMediaShare, an application which transforms the smartphone into a personal all-in-one media manager streaming digital media from various sources to any connected TV. M-Tel customers can now download iMediaShare for free from Apple App Store and Google Play, and stream online video to any internet-enabled TV without additional hardware, cables or TV apps.

During the last few years MTel, a Telekom Austria Group subsidiary in Bulgaria, has firmly established itself as a leader in telecommunication services and has recently embarked on a mission of partnering with various local businesses in order to promote and enable growth. M-Tel’s partner program is an instrument allowing joint product and services inception and marketing, creating additional value for consumers.

“[iMediaShare is] one of the most innovative products that I’ve used recently. The simple idea of bringing your personal multimedia content from your mobile and a lot more from the Internet to your TV is simple and useful.” shares Krasen Hinkov, Director Products & Services at M-Tel. “On the other hand the execution is brilliant.”

Bianor has recently announced several strategic partnerships and is currently in negotiations with top local media agencies about the launch of exciting new video content. Teaming up with M-Tel is a major milestone in the development of the product.

“A strong brand like M-Tel embracing this advanced new technology will assist in introducing it to a great number of users,” says Stefan Lilov, VP Product Development in Bianor. “The partnership will enable M-Tel and Bianor to reach fresh audiences and offer exciting new ways of engagement.”

iMediaShare turns the phone into a remote control, allowing users to view photos, videos and music from various sources on different media devices – TVs, home audio systems, game consoles etc. Content is aggregated from channels such as YouTube and Vimeo, personal cloud services like Facebook or Picasa, online news agencies such as Deutsche Welle, personal storage like the phone itself or home networks and made available anytime, on any screen. Advanced media solutions have so far been mostly about ‘time-shifting’ – allowing viewers to be independent of show and program schedules; now iMediaShare lifts the game to a new level, introducing ‘place-shifting’ – the added freedom of taking your content with you wherever you go.

iMediaShare presents a beautiful and functional interface with heads-up playback control by using natural on-screen gestures. Launched early 2011 iMediaShare already has 11 media partners and is internationally recognized with 3 mobile media innovation awards. It recently reached 1.5 million downloads, with 300,000 monthly active users and millions of media files served monthly.

About MTel

MTel, a Telekom Austria Group subsidiary, is the first and largest GSM mobile phone operator in Bulgaria. M-Tel was the first Bulgarian operator to offer EDGE, UMTS, HSDPA and HSPA+ services to its clients. M-Tel owns Loop – the largest virtual mobile operator in Bulgaria, specially designed for the youth market. During the last few years M-Tel launched a partnership program working together with strategic businesses and adding value for customers. Despite the difficult economic environment аffecting the entire IT and Telco industry, M-Tel remains a stable presence in the country.

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