Bianor Becomes Part of a European Consortium Aiming at FP7

Sofia, April 13th, 2010

Bianor joined a European consortium which submitted a proposal under the FP7 6th ICT Call for proposals, addressing the topic of digital libraries and digital preservation.

The project name is DYNAMIX (Dynamic Aggregator of Media Art for Innovative Use, Access, Collaboration and Experience), and is a Large-scale integrating project (IP) coordinated by the University of Bremen.

Bianor contributes to the consortium through its cutting-edge expertise in mobile multimedia sharing and mobile technologies. If successful, the project will considerably advance the current state-of-the-art in the dynamic aggregation, management, delivery and presentation of multimedia digital libraries.

“The participation in DYNAMIX gives us the chance to take pro-actively part in the European Research Area,” Vladislav Jivkov, Business Development Manager at Bianor said. “The project offers us the opportunity to share our know-how in mobile technologies and mobile application development with the European partners for the benefit of the common well-being,” Jivkov added.

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