Bianor Became a Member of the European Technology Platform – NESSI

Sofia, January 6th, 2010

At the end of 2009 Bianor became a member of the European technology platform – Networked European Software and Services Initiative (NESSI). The platform unifies more than 400 enterprises and academic institutions occupied in the ICT field. Among NESSI’s members are leading European telecom operators, IT companies and universities.

The technology platform dedicates its efforts towards transforming the EU economy through Software Service Oriented business models. Aiming this objective NESSI implements its Strategic Research Agenda with a budget of of 2.5 B €. Bianor’s NESSI membership provides the opportunity for an active participation at the European Research Area. The networking within the platform facilitates the cooperation of the members for EU Frame Programs projects.

“The development of a few proprietary mobile technologies and solutions was Bianor’s main focus throughout 2009,” Kostadin Jordanov, Bianor’s CEO said. “We are glad NESSI gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas and technology know-how with other leading European companies and academic institutions working in the IT field,” Jordanov added.

In 2009 Bianor was selected to be Innovative Enterprise of the Year in Bulgaria and honored for a Top Product Winner in USA for two of its mobile solutions. Another Bianor’s product – iMediaShare reached top positions at Apple App Store’s charts.

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