Bianor Became a Member of the European Technology Platform – eMobility

Sofia, February 12, 2010

Bianor became a member of the European technology platform – eMobility. The platform brings together more than 600 enterprises and academic institutions active in the field of mobile communications. Among eMobility’s members are leading European telecom operators, IT companies and universities.

The technology platform stands for bringing together European organizations to address, as a community, the challenges of future networks, building on Europe’s success in mobile communications. The eMobility Platform supports action and efficient collaboration, enabling the network community to turn visions into innovations.

The membership gives all member organizations the possibility to influence where the research related to future communication systems in the area of mobile and wireless is going within the EU’s Framework Programme 7 and beyond. Members also have the chance to contribute and provide feedback to the Strategic Research Agenda.

The Overall Policy Objective of eMobility is to reinforce Europe’s leadership in mobile and wireless communications and services and to master the future development of this technology, so that it best serves Europe’s citizens and the European economy.

The membership of Bianor in eMobility will provide the company with the opportunity to actively participate in the European Research Area and successfully network and cooperate with the other members on EU research projects with focus on Mobile & Wireless and Telecommunications.

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