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BG PostCard Solution – Case Study

November 12, 2012

BG Postcard Mobile Application


How could The National Post Office merge advanced technologies with an old tradition, in order to revive a long lost service? In the world of Facebook, email and text messages is there room for the forgotten art of the printed paper postcard? Of course, Bianor had the answer.


A fantastic mobile solution for iPhone and Android was created which invites users to take a photo with their smartphone and send it on to any location in the world as a beautiful printed postcard. A comprehensive back-end administrative system manages images, resolution, orders, payment and postage; barcodes and service information is automatically generated; the postcard is printed out and sent to the requested physical address. SMS payment integration completes the hassle-free experience.


The BG Postcard mobile application quickly became a favorite with consumers, with downloads gathering momentum through organic word-of-mouth recommendations. The National Post Office reports increasing orders of the service and is drawing valuable technology savvy clients.

Author: Maria Williamson

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