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Best Roaming Fares

April 1, 2009

Do you travel a lot?


And you probably talk on your cell phone frequently while abroad?

Then I’m sure you are always wondering how much you would pay for a minute in roaming or which is the best carrier for a call.  And may be your Financial Director is always worried about the cost optimization.

Well, it is always a headache for me to understand how much my roaming would cost me. I usually either don’t have the time to check the rates before leaving or the corporate offer is so complicated that really frustrates me.

The GSM Association, the world association of all 3G/GSM mobile carriers has published a web site with the best roaming fare around Europe. Why? Because there is a huge consumer demand for great transparency among international roaming prices across the European mobile operators. It is a very user-friendly comparison tool where everyone can check how much it would cost a two-minute call when one is in Germany or UK and is Orange France subscriber for example. Cool and really easy to use!

The general roaming rule says that it is always twice cheaper to receive a call than to initiate one. Of course, there are exceptions of the rule but they are not many in Europe and even around the world. That’s is why we prefer incoming than outgoing calls. Why should we limit ourselves? Is it possible to pay the same fee for outgoing call as we pay for the incoming?

The short answer is “Yes”!

A cool new solution called MobiECO Optima helps us to decrease our roaming costs. It makes all our outgoing calls cost as much as incoming ones thus saving up to 50% .

It seems now that you and your Financial Director will not be so worried about the roaming costs.

Author: Stefan Lilov

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