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Android vs iPhone/iOS: Quick Facts

June 18, 2010

Android vs iPhone

There’s plenty of data available on the net for the smartphone platforms – market shares, user profiles, usage statistics, etc. The problem is we are all too busy to go through a lot of text…

That’s why I though it’d be actually nice to list the key facts only in a head-to-head comparison chart.

So here’s the first post from the series – no surprise, its Android vs iPhone/iOS:

  Android iPhone/iOS
Market share (world-wide), smartphones 9.6% 15.4%
Market share (US), smartphones 9% (+2% QoQ) 28% (+2% QoQ)
Number of devices sold (world-wide) >11 mln >40 mln iOS devices
>27 mln iPhones
Number of devices sold (US) >8 mln >18 mln iOS devices
>10 mln iPhones
Share of mobile web consumption (US) 20% 59%
App publishers interest to develop for the platform 81% very interested 87% very interested
Average number of apps per device 22 37
Most used data features text messaging, internet, email, app downloads, LBS internet, email, app downloads, text messaging, LBS
Most popular apps Google Maps, Facebook, Weather Channel, Pandora, Google Search Facebook, iTunes, Google Maps, Weather Channel, Pandora
Most popular app categories n/a Books, Games, Entertainment, Education, Travel
User profile
Gender (male/female) 54%/46% 55%/45%
Average age 35 37
Income breakdown (percent of users) $15-35k/year: 17%
$100k+/year: 28%
$15-35k/year: 9%
$100k+/year: 40%
App distribution model Android Market App Store
Number of apps in store >60,000 >200,000
Free/paid app ratio 87%/13% 80%/20%
Average app price n/a $2.88
($3.14 excluding games)
OS software model open-source proprietary
Primary programming language Java Objective-C
Main IDE Eclipse Xcode


Author: Kostadin Jordanov

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