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And the Winners Are…

March 29, 2010

If you are planning on a new rich multimedia mobile product venture, inevitably one of the questions that reappear is “Which mobile OSes should we support first?”

Besides looking at the behaviour of your product-specific target users and the overall mobile OS market shares, it makes sense to check who are the fastest growing mobile operating systems in terms of popularity. And last year’s winners are…

Android, iPhone OS, and RIM

Worldwide Smartphone Sales to End Users by Operating System in 2009 (compared to 2008):

  • Symbian – 46.9% (down from 52.4%)
  • Research In Motion – 19.9% (up from 16.6%)
  • iPhone OS – 14.4% (up from 8.2%)
  • MS Windows Mobile – 8.7% (down from 11.8%)
  • Linux – 4.7% (down from 7.6%)
  • Android – 3.9% (up from 0.5%)
  • WebOS – 0.7% (NA in 2008)
  • Other OSes – 0.6% (down from 2.9%)

Source: Gartner

Note: There are huge differences in individual markets.

Author: Kostadin Jordanov

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